Monday, August 04, 2008

El Primer Día

The scurry of the inevitable last-minute preparations quickly melted away when the children arrived on our first day of VBS today, and in three short hours our hearts were melted for the children of this small community known as San Andres. 48 children from the surrounding neighborhoods joined us today. This was heart-warming for the church because there are only four children who regularly attend worship in San Andres - meaning the majority of those today were new visitors from the surrounding area. These numbers are building on the work done by John Fields' team last week, and is exciting to see. One of the local interpreters said that most of the children have little to no entertainment during the summer months, and these events bring great memories for them.

The VBS event went almost without a hitch until Pastor Jorge fell with a badly twisted ankle on the rutted soccer field. Later visits to a local doctor for x-rays showed no break, but anyone who has badly turned their ankle understands the pain can be almost the same. He is out of commission for at least two weeks.

After lunch five of us left to scour the neighborhoods surrounding San Andres to give out flyers inviting the children to the VBS activities, and to announce two days of free health exams by both Dr. Abel Williams (from Puebla) and Rebecca Cromwell (from Maryland). I paired up with Dr. William's son, Abel Williams (Jr.) and we distributed at least 75 flyers - many of whom expressed interest in coming. Patrick Walsh paired up with Pepe Rojo to distribute the same. Pastor David launched off solo in a third direction. All told some five or six individuals listened to the Gospel and prayed to accept Christ today.

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Amy said...

What a wonderful trip! We are praying for you! I know you are being blessed just as much as you are being a blessing to them.