Friday, September 16, 2005

Owen's mysterious dripping shorts

OK, it took all of 10 seconds to have an Owen story to share. Barb shared that yesterday Owen (who is now one month post-potty training) had his shorts and underware in a pile on the living room carpet, soaking wet. I mean SOAKING wet! When asked what happened, Owen replied 'I was cleenin' em Mom, cleenin!'. With the initial relief passed of not holding a dripping accident in her hand, she flashed back over the past few weeks and realized that Owen (who learns by observation most excellently) had observed her during the past few weeks of training washing his dirty shorts in the commode. Owen's look was priceless when Barb asked him where he cleened his shorts, when with a look of 'geez Mom, can't you trust me?' he said 'the sink, Mom, the sink'! Tracing the water trail Barb was, in fact, able to verify that we had a pool of well water on our floor, and not a toxic dump.

My wife must have cut her teeth in this line of work by reading Nancy Drew mysteries as a child!

Might as well just start right here

Have you ever not started something because you wanted to do it just right, and didn't have everything together yet? That's me with this blog. The idea first flashed by over a year ago, but it was going to take too much work and time and effort. Then my good friend Scott Stringer showed me his blog ( several weeks back, and I was finally motivated enough to create my own that night. Then, it hit me - how do you start a life's story mid-stream? I sat frozen, unable to begin until I could catch up on nine years of stories? Then there was this morning......

Cameron (our five year old oldest son) wakes up early this morning crying from a nightmare. The story was hard to piece together, but it was something about being chased and having something heavy land on him. Barb (my wonderful bride of 9 years now) soothes him by saying that it was just a dream, to which Cameron replies 'but dreams really do come true!'

So there you have it, my son's nightmares are that much more horrific because of Disney World, and you have an abrupt start to our life's story because of one cute kid!

(We'll have a story or two of our youngest son Owen (age three) in short order, guaranteed!)